NEW: BONUS Adult Binkie Bundle!

$217.50 $98.00

Daddy's not-so-little holiday gift to all his littles! Get the complete set of both regular adult binkies and our ExpressiePaci, with bonus items! Bundle also includes your choice of rainbow tutu/rainbow socks or white tutu/panda socks, your choice in color of bottles, and black panda ears headband!

14 regular colors include: Black, purple, blue, light blue, mint, lime green and white, yellow, orange, red, hot pink, lavender, light pink, white, and glitter tan.

14 ExpressiePaci expressions included:

  • Yellow "Sleepy Time"
  • Red "Time Out"
  • Pink "Cuddles Needed"
  • Orange "Snack Time"
  • Hot pink "Hyper Baby"
  • Mint "Sugar Baby"
  • White "Cute Certified"
  • Black "Naughty" 
  • White "Princess"
  • White "Prince"
  • White "Baby"
  • Blue "Grumpy Baby"
  • Purple "Please Play With Me"
  • Blue "Your Attentionz Is Required"


Paci Definitions

Teat size: 5cm Long x 3cm Wide
Shield size: 6.65cm Wide x 4.75cm Tall
Materials: plastic with silicone teat

Tutus, socks, and headbands are one-size-fits-most.