NEW: Adult Binkie Bundle!

$198.50 $75.00

As part of Daddy's holiday gifts to all his littles, get the complete set of both regular adult binkies and our ExpressiePaci! Complete your entire collection of 28 binkies with one purchase!

14 regular colors include: Black, purple, blue, light blue, mint, lime green and white, yellow, orange, red, hot pink, lavender, light pink, white, and glitter tan.

14 ExpressiePaci expressions included:

  • Yellow "Sleepy Time"
  • Red "Time Out"
  • Pink "Cuddles Needed"
  • Orange "Snack Time"
  • Hot pink "Hyper Baby"
  • Mint "Sugar Baby"
  • White "Cute Certified"
  • Black "Naughty" 
  • White "Princess"
  • White "Prince"
  • White "Baby"
  • Blue "Grumpy Baby"
  • Purple "Please Play With Me"
  • Blue "Your Attentionz Is Required"



Teat size: 5cm Long x 3cm Wide
Shield size: 6.65cm Wide x 4.75cm Tall
Materials: plastic with silicone teat