We're Back! - Burlesque Babies 2.0

It was a Thursday evening and seven of us were huddled together at one of our apartments. It had been raining all day—we’re in Seattle, after all—and we were definitely feeling the mood. Although three weeks had passed since our beloved visionary for the art and ambience of the store had let us know she was leaving, I think it took us nearly two weeks to come to grips with the fact that she was really not coming back. That hurt. Big time.

We’d spent the previous week working through all the nuances of how to keep everything going. In one dark moment, we actually considered selling the store or even just shutting it down altogether. In a flash of optimism, we rallied and set to divvying up all the work, but then the lovely Ally let us know her heart wasn’t in it anymore and she'd be leaving as well. So there we sat, tears in our eyes as we stared at each other in stunned silence.

In an attempt to lighten the mood and put an end to the Pity Party, Nicole pulled up the e-mail account—something we hadn’t been paying much attention to for the last week, aside from order requests and updates—and started reading messages aloud to us. E-mail after e-mail was filled with praise, love, encouragement, sympathies, and, in many cases, stories about how we'd been bringing positivity to our community. The feeling in the room slowly shifted from silence and grumbling, to sharing our reasons for joining this mission in the first place, and finally focusing on solutions for moving forward. 

Before we knew it, we were in the thick of planning and brainstorming. We felt whole again, even if we knew we were missing some of the crucial puzzle pieces we’d once had. As we put together lists of “What We’re Good At” and “What We’re Missing,” Mikey took a peek at our business inquiry account and found an invitation to participate in a fashion show event dedicated to representing diversity in the sex-positive communities in Seattle. This is the sort of thing we’d always avoided in the past, but this particular invitation found us at the perfect time. With a new direction and a renewed commitment to the strong communities we serve, we took the plunge and let the event coordinator know we were interested in the event! And after a few back-and-forths with the promoters, we were on board and ready to strike out on a completely new journey!

As we looked at the “What We’re Missing” list, it occurred to us that we had a big opportunity to engage more meaningfully with the amazing ABDL communities that we’re committed to supporting and that had supported us from the get-go. This opportunity meant actively working with representative, body-positive, diverse models for our products. It also meant aiming to bring our wonderful customers a wider variety of the highest quality goods we can provide. Participating in the fashion show event was the first step in our new and improved mission. We met and engaged with so many wonderful members of the local ABDL community, including some fabulous models, and were able to listen to their needs and wants so as to better tailor our efforts to serve them.

Although we’re still working through details, trying to find our footing again, and looking to continue blogging about this journey, we’ve come up with the following goals for moving forward with Burlesque Babies, v. 2.0 and we wanted to share them with you:

  1. Diversity: Our goal is to be as diverse, inclusive, and unique as each of the communities we serve. This is an expansion on our previous mission where we will (and want to be) even more inclusive to the diversity within the ABDL community as well as more open to the world about our love of such.
  2. Quality: We’re continuing our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products at an accessible price point. There have been a few product Ideas and customer engagement promotions in the past that have been vetoed or held back. We collectively want to be bolder in doing these things as now, we will be trying to move in unison and more as a collective.
  3. Integrity: Burlesque Babies will continue to try to get it right every time. But if we don’t, we will continue our efforts to make it right and ensure that we learn from our missteps. The only change is we will be working in closer unity together so we hope to take recovery from missteps to the minimal amount of learning time as possible.

We’re incredibly excited to continue on this journey, but we’re even more excited that you’ve chosen to join us! Thank you for your ongoing trust, commitment, and support - we couldn’t (and wouldn't) do this without you!


We will be doing regular posts - coming soon is a breakdown of everyone on the crew, some forward looking news, some thoughts and feelings on how it is going, and Q&A from YOU!


Stay tuned - We LOVE You - and thank you for being with us

- The BB2.0 Team!